So tempted to try this in Apple Notes! :-) How my productivity improved when I stopped using a to-do list

I’m a strong user of OFP but I’m so tempted to try this. It will probably not be practical but … :slight_smile:

For the Saved You A Click Types:

"You can try this: Instead of using a to-do list, schedule your tasks directly into your calendar."

As for OFP, who knows, very cryptic…

|OFP|Office Football Pool|
|OFP|Operation Flashpoint (computer game)|
|OFP|Order for Protection|
|OFP|Oregon Flora Project|
|OFP|Office of Field Programs (US EEOC)|
|OFP|Office of Family Planning|
|OFP|Office of Farmland Preservation (Washington)|
|OFP|Ocean Front Property|
|OFP|Overall Future Potential (sports)|
|OFP|Open Frame Panel (computer products)|
|OFP|Optimal Fetal Positioning (birthing theory)|
|OFP|Hanover County Municipal Airport (airport code, Ashland, VA)|
|OFP|Open Fire Place (Australia real estate)|
|OFP|Order Flow Provider (various locations)|
|OFP|Organizacion Feminina Popular (Spanish: Popular Women’s Organization; Columbia)|
|OFP|Order Fulfillment Process (various companies)|
|OFP|Occluded Frontal Passage|
|OFP|Operating Force Plan (US Navy)|
|OFP|Operational Flight Profile|
|OFP|Over Fill Protection|
|OFP|Office of Family Policy (US DoD)|
|OFP|Over Flow Pipe|
|OFP|Order Fire Pickup (restaurant kitchen)|
|OFP|Overwhelming Firepower|
|OFP|Organizational Focal Point|
|OFP|Operational Flight Plan/Program|
|OFP|Original Flight Plan|
|OFP|Order of Friars Preachers (Dominican religious order)|
|OFP|Outward Flow in Perforators|
|OFP|Own Flipping Program (polite form)|
|OFP|Operations Funded Project|
|OFP|Opportunities for Posterity (Bangladesh)|
|OFP|Omega Film Productions|
|OFP|Open Firm Protocol|
|OFP|Out for Paper|
|OFP|Orbital Flight Program|
|OFP|Orozco-Foster-Piolet (band)|
|OFP|Office of the First Presidency (LDS Church)|
|OFP|Ordovicium Freedoom Pröjekt (Hungarian band)|


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That made me laugh! :joy:


One of the reasons I’ve found Todoist is working for me is its 2-way sync with Google Calendar. That way I can schedule tasks, and if I’m in the calendar and need to move a task I can do it there and the change will immediately reflect back in Todoist.

The biggest thing I’ve found is that I only put actionable items in Todoist. Only a small subset actually goes on the calendar but everything in the task manager is an actual task. When I tried using it to keep lists it became unwieldy. Now when I need to make lists of things I’ll do it in another app.

This is great when what you have going on stays fairly static and doesn’t move very fast. At least for me anway. If anyone who has fast moving work and has successfully implemented a calendar based (or paper based) system, I’d love to hear more how that works.

If something moves fast, you move the item! I do that all the time. The point is to schedule your actionable tasks so you do tasks, not just list them (then regret not having done it later as you stare at your lists). Scheduling constraints are wonderful for being accountable for actually getting things done, and a calendar throws into sharp relief the time you have to do the things you need to do.

If you find that you always overestimate how much you can get done in a day, an effective approach is to put your to-dos on your calendar, just like a meeting. Rather than outlining your daily to-dos onto a list, schedule them. This is not a new concept. :slight_smile: