So... Who’s getting the new Mac Pro?

I see reports that it will be available to order from the 10th, as in, Tuesday…

Curious whether any MPU ‘members’ plan on taking the plunge?
Mainly because I’d love to get confirmation on the price per wheel… :wink:

Our collective thoughts should be with Jon Siracusa this week, in the hopes that he doesn’t quite have to sell a kidney for his long-awaited upgrade!

But teasing aside - would be very interesting to get feedback from a ‘power user/professional’ on how it fits into their workflows etc.

Just looking at the specs, it seems iMac Pro is a better entry-level pro machine.
The base Mac Pro is $1000 more, has no display, and is less capable. Of course the Mac Pro has expandability.

Thing Mac Pro iMac Pro
CPU Xeon W 8 core, 3.5HGz Xeon W 8 core, 3.2GHz
Memory 32GB 32GB
Graphics AMD Radeon Pro 580X, 36 compute units, 2304 stream processors, 5.6 teraflops single-precision AMD Radeon Pro Vega 56, 56 compute units, 3584 stream processors, 9 teraflops single-precision
Storage 256GB SSD 1T SSD
Display n/a 5K Retina
Price $5999 $4999

Someone at Apple should just be delivering one to John’s house this week, fully spec’ed and free of charge. It should be signed by all of the Mac Pro team members with a note “Sorry for the delay.”


I am holding off until the reviews come in. However, I definitely will be ordering a set of wheels and have them installed on my Mac Mini.


I will be by the end of next year. I produce music semi-professionally, intend to up my game, and I need a metric ton of storage and RAM to make this work. So far I have used an iMac but having external storage is a nightmare and a failed screen in that machine really pushed me away from the all in one concept (hence no iMac Pro). I will get the 12-core with base RAM, maxed up SSD and add the Promise MPX for storage later in the life of the machine, and upgrade as I go along (oh sweet, sweet words).


“Promise MPX”? What is that?

I must agree, whilst at most – given what I do – a 5K iMac would be more than adequate for my needs, I am very pleased to see Apple getting back onto the “upgradeable for Pro’s” train! It’s such a no-brainer, in my mind.

Will you go for a compatible external monitor then, since you presumably don’t need the Apple screen?

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I am taking a wait and see, this is new product so before trusting any kinda real workload to a computer like that I need to know how it performs in the real world and it’s reliability.

Also pro tip, I mounted my computer to a skateboard a long time ago, it’s super easy to move it, I just went to the local Kmart and picked one up for $25 AUD which is probably way less then those wheels will cost.


Promise is making two dedicated storage bays for the Mac Pro in the form of an MPX module. Since I need a lot of that, that’s what I’m going to put inside the tower – and I will be able to upgrade the drives as I go.
Indeed, I will reuse my existing monitors: I have an LG Ultrafine 5k as a second monitor which will serve perfectly, along with a 4k monitor currently plugged to my gaming setup.

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I’m intrigued, for the sake of my amateur music production and photo post-processing. We’ll see what happens next year, as I’d probably be more interested in an iMac/Pro with TouchID or FaceID (although that might be soon supplanted with Apple’s increased support for hardware security fobs - for example iOS 13.3 now supports NFC, USB, and Lightning FIDO2-compliant security keys in Safari).

At one point I had 2 Mac Pros – an '08 and an '09 … one at home and one at the office. I really liked them, and ended up installing lots of hard drives, SSD boot drives, PCI cards, USB 3.0 cards, flashed video cards … they were fun to tinker with.

But now, ten years later, the Apple obsession of smaller and lighter has left its mark on me. When I look at my desk at work, or especially at home, I can’t quite imagine shoe-horning in a giant computer box. Small and light seems pretty great.

Of course, if the price - productivity equation were better for me, I’m sure I’d find a way to give that big box a home. But the offer seems to be really geared towards video and sound, so maybe I’ll just put my mac mini on roller skates.

Sure wish they would make a a middle-of-the-road box – a bigger, mini, with room for PCI slots and tinkering, but thunderbolt for external drive arrays. THAT would be tempting, wheels or not.

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For those who are up for the adventure and want to have the performance with out the cost check out this video by Snazzy Labs who build a hackintosh with an AMD processor.

Just don’t take it to the Genius Bar :crazy_face:

I had fun spec’ing one out and ended up at $52,249.00. I did not go for the wheels, though, I thought that was overly extravagant. Now, I’m going to use this figure when I talk to my wife about upgrading my 2015 MacBook Pro to the 2019 16" MBP. :slight_smile:

Amazing machine, though. I really hope this is a home run within the very special market that exists for this kind of high-end rig, and that it encourages Apple to keep the pedal down on investing in envelope-pushing improvements on the Mac.


I had a play with the configuration options and decided to push the boat out and add the wheels and a trackpad. This got me to £53,937; I won’t be adding this to my shopping bag anytime soon.


Wow! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Will have to give this a go. That. Is. Crazy. Money!
But there are those niches out there, no doubt!

If anybody wants to know more about the Promise MPX for storage:

Not out yet, but I’m guessing they are coming soon now.

EDIT: they’re available on the Apple website.

Someone on twitter pointed out that you can get a mid-range Cyber Truck for the price of a maxed out Mac Pro. And the truck comes with a display :slightly_smiling_face:


These comparisons are fun, they do put things in perspective, and that truck(!), well, it’s pretty awesome. Still, in the hands of a skilled professional, a fully loaded (albeit pricey) Mac Pro is an asset that will help you buy a home, raise your kids, invest some money, take vacations, donate to your favorite church or charity, and maybe even go home early some nights. The truck, on the other hand, doesn’t have quite as much potential to build a future. :grin:


Australian here. Apparently I can get the most expensive Mac Pro with all the add-ons for A$97,644.98. Eye-popping!

Just wondering: Wouldn’t you be better off (potentially cheaper and more flexible) with a Synology NAS connected via a 10Gbps connection? Or one of those Thunderbolt connected external RAID solutions? The connection won’t be the bottle neck, more so the disk speed.

Also the Pegasus one seems to only be available pre-equipped with 8TB drives (24TB in RAID 5, 16TB in RAID10 or RAID 6). For the Synology NAS you could use a SSD read/write cache and would be able to expand beyond 4 drives.

With the Pegasus MPX module you’ll essentially be limited to 4 drives in that RAID, as the Mac Pro “only” offers two of those MPX slots, of which one is occupied by the graphics unit.

Yeah, but the Cybertruck will tow 10,000 pounds, which is roughly 10,000 pounds more than the Mac Pro will do. So now what’s the “Pro”? :grinning:

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