Social Media Experts?

hey MPU,

I know not Apple related, but by any chance does anyone here work in social media or experienced in social media branding?


Not an area of specialty, but I’ve done a little bit. Happy to help if I can.

Believe me Facebook is the Devil’s Notebook.

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I had made an earlier post about a non-profit I was starting. Essentially, this is a spin-off twist.

Background scenario - A product (app) was created, under a corporation. This app has its own social media handles, etc with an established user base.

Currently happening - The new non-profit I started will be taking ownership over the app from the corporation. The question then begins.

When it comes to social media presence…

  1. Should the non-profit have its own social media handles separate from the app?
  2. Should the non-profit absorb (rename) the social media handle of the app to its non-profit name?

In terms of the what the NPO does. Imagine the following. (with the app included)

NPO Areas

  • App (houses audio content)
  • Video (probably youtube when we get there)
  • Press (this year or next)
  • Shop
  • Artist/Conference Engagements

With all those main sectors, it would then be divided up based on demographic, although I might be inclined to create a separate ‘Children’s Area’

Idea 1
NPO has its own socials, and the App keeps its own socials (they cross-post when needed)

Idea 2
NPO absorbs the App socials, only 1 set of socials exist and NPO runs all campaigns for all departments.

Keep in mind the app social have been around for several years and have a strong following already.