Software for creating links to a specific page in a PDF


I’ve been trying to find some way to create links to a specific page in a PDF. I do a lot of work-related PDF reading that require referencing its content to other documents (notes, mind-mapping documents). It would be nice to find a solution that:

  • Creates a link to a specific page or bookmark in a PDF.
  • The PDF link can be pasted to any Mac program that has a text field.
  • Can be retrieved in both Mac and iPad.

From my research, the obvious (and perhaps only) solution is Devonthink. Am I missing anything?

I am by no means a PDF expert. But a quick search for “anchor link” PDF led me to this page.

Hope it helps.

You add #page=n where n is the page number, to the end of the URL This only works for http: or https:, not for file: if you are using Safari, but it does work for file: in Chrome. So if you are using Safari you need to place the pdf file on a web server.

Thanks for the replies. I already knew the Acrobat Reader’s function of creating a link from my Windows PC days, but thanks for the heads up @MacExpert.

Thanks for the tip @tomalmy, I’ll give it a try.