Sold on the Studio Display

I finally got in to an Apple Store today and played around with a studio display and really liked it. The sounds was amazing and for a 27 in display it seemed larger than I thought it would be, coming from a 32 in curved Samsung display. I seriously considering buying one now.

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Well … there is an obvious solution to avoid moving to a “smaller” display … :grinning:

Once you get used to the “retina” resolution and excellent contrast/brightness, it’s hard to go back to something else.


I like it…my bank account, not so much. :joy::joy:

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That is cleeeaaaannnnnn.

I still think that the Mac Studio sitting on a desk breaks up the clean lines and minimalist desks many are trying to go for. I am looking for an under desk mount for my intended purchase of one!

What manner of monitor arms doth thou use, pray tell?


I understand the design aesthetic you are concerned about; however, It does seem cool enough to keep on one’s desk. Like a keepsake. (I’m a MacBook Pro user, so I don’t actually have much right to comment in any event!)

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Dell Dual Monitor Arm – MDA20. Highly recommended.


Lesser-cost options are probably available, but I needed a dual arm system that was stable with the weight of two Studio Monitors, minimalist in appearance, had a solid and wide-enough baseplate, well-engineered mounting screw, and good cable management system. Also, Dell has a good return policy. I initially bought Dell’s single-arm version but returned it with no problem after deciding on dual monitors.


This one is available from OWC (

I ordered this one but may not actually use it. To mount it as shown under the front edge of the desk, new Thunderbolt cables for the Studio Display monitors would be needed. The cables supplied with the Studio Display would be too short for this type of under-desk mounting (under the front edge of desk) using monitor arms. Another problem is that the mounting screws provided with the NuShelf Dual Mount are not correct. Only machine screws are provided, but wood screws are needed to mount under a wooden desk top as shown.

To get around the short Thunderbolt cable issue, attaching the mount and Mac Studio under the back edge of the desk would be suboptimal. That would defeat the purpose of the easily-accessed front USB-C ports and SD card reader.

The product photos show two Mac Minis. The Mac Studio fits properly in this mount.

Possibly, but mounting under desk has its own problems. See above post discussing the under-desk NuShelf Dual Mount. Having only the Mac Studio on the desk (in addition to the mouse and keyboard) is not a problem for me.

I would also point out that the excellent speakers in the Studio Display eliminate the need for external speakers sitting on the desk.

Thanks for the feedback @Arthur . I was aware of the NuShelf but can’t find it here in the UK.
I will probably buy new cables for the monitor and make sure the Mac is in the right position for the ports.

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That’s a nice setup… I want mine to look like that. Thanks for the links to the mounting bracket and under-desk mount.

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I’ve got one of these on order:

I added recently two additional drawer under my desk (right and left side), and removed one of them again, cause I hit it frequently with my knees when I turned my chair. (Yes, unfortunately I have long legs…)

So, maybe you check that first, before mounting.

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Hi everyone, I want to give a different take on the Apple Monitor. I was so excited to get my Studio Display, I got it with the Nano technology. Previously is used the Asus Pro Art was also 27 inches. Now I use them together and the Asus is a fabulous monitor, if the Nano is a 9 out of 10, the Asus would be 7.5 or 8. I use the Display for my main work and the Asus holds all the other programs, which helps me focus better that way.

Curious if the Nano affects the brightness? (I have it on full brightness) also would have liked a better camera for zoom and sound for voice calls, after asking people on the other side of the phone call they preferred me talking with Airpods, saying talking from the monitor was okay but a little distant (monitor is less than a 12 inches from my mouth).

Bottom line, I am an Apple junkie, glad I bought it with the Studio Max, so I am not complaining just was disappointed that the differences were not that dramatic. Since I too am afflicted with FOMO. Glad I bought it, but also happy to share my experiences.


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I’ve got one of these on order
That looks a really good solution @ismh. I like the hole in the base so it fits precisely.

I bet this 3D print seller will get plenty of orders until the mainstream rack suppliers get their products lined up.