Solved Podcast Notes iOS Shortcut with Timestamps (dictate while you listen)

I just thought I would share this shorcut here.
Here is the link: Podcast Notes

Its not that complicated, but allows you to take notes while you listen to a podcast in Overcast, pauses so that you can dictate the note, then continues to play. You repeat this action until you are finished. Then the shortcut compiles those dictations into a single file. And since shortcuts can fail sometimes, it also logs your dictated notes immediately into a log file. Now this shortcut requires the Overcast app and Drafts, but could be modified to create a plain markdown file instead of a Draft note. I don’t know if another podcast player can get timestamps on the fly.

And I am definitely a Shortcuts newbie, so if anybody has a better solution, let me know.


Awesome! Nice work. Looking forward to trying it.