Some Apple Watch humor

This is great. A preacher at a church waves his arms around as part of a sermon, and has to stop and let his Apple Watch know that he’s okay. :smiley:

Apple Watch: Don’t wear while preaching?


Hah, that’s great. Usually when I think of John Piper and Apple products, it’s his “don’t waste your life” sermon, which is slightly older than the iPod.


Love me some John Piper! Along with his awesome author and preacher skills, he’s a massive Apple fan.

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He is not fallen down?
Maybe the Apple Watch just knew more about that… :imp: :thinking: :rofl:

As a sign language user I find such inarticulate gesturing to be highly intrusive and messing my visual perception. So yes, keep wearing the Apple Watch and stop flapping your arms about.

Color me confused. Is the gist of your argument that people shouldn’t use gestures that aren’t sign language?

No the gist is don’t throw your hands and arms around like Piper because it causes confustion and increase cognitive load.