Some help needed with the new Settings in Ventura

My Sonos app is trying to update but is getting cut off every time because of Privacy settings that are not letting it update itself.

I’m slowly going mad trying to find the right settings within Ventura’s new privacy app. Could someone help me out and point me in the right direction?

Thanks a lot for the reply,

I saw the Notification pop up and fat-fingered my way into clicking on the notification itself rather than the “Allow” button so it has disappeared now, but the message was about Sonos not having permission to update.

Yes, Security is set to App Store and Identified Developers.

I Googled “unable to update sonos macos” to find

Error when updating Sonos app for macOS | Sonos

Did it taking about a minute, and all worked fine. New install found all networked devices.

Ok. Winge accepted, I guess.

Best to tell Apple and Sonos.Nothing I can do. Nor did I research to confirm root cause. I just focus on moving forward.