Some Library files have 2nd "everyone" user permissions

Recently I noticed a second “everyone” with “custom” privileges in some files. No idea when or how it happened, and it seems random, but so far, I’ve only found this in the Library. (see screenshot)

I’m having problems with Adobe Lightroom “presets” files with this user not being able to update when changes are made. On one file, I changed this user’s privileges from Custom to Read only and it appears to have fixed that file’s updating problem.

Any ideas what might cause this second “everyone” user to appear?
Is there a way to find all files that have this user? I’d like to know where they all are, for starters.



The only way I know how to do this is with Terminal.

Here is a sample “Get Info” window for a file on my machine:

The parts you’re interested in are the “Where” and “Name & Extension” sections. If I wanted to know about this file I would enter a command like

ls -@l “Where/Name & Extension”

which in this case would be

ls -@l “/Users/Jim/Desktop/Apple Support Case 101207944187 13_10_2020_5_00pm.pdf”

and I would get back something like this:

-rw-r–r–@ 1 Jim staff 1078616 Oct 13 2020 /Users/Jim/Desktop/Apple Support Case 101207944187 13_10_2020_5_00pm.pdf 16 72 53 118 57

Try this with one of the affected files on your machine and post the results.

EDIT: Here is a blog post that describes the situation you’re having. It may or may not be the same root issue.

Thanks, Jim. Here’s what I get running the Terminal command. It’s not like yours, with the “…” items:

rcb@Studio ~ % ls -@l “/Users/rcb/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Export Presets/Screen Presets/Apple TV.lrtemplate”
-rw-r–r–+ 1 rcb staff 2146 Jan 26 21:11 /Users/rcb/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Export Presets/Screen Presets/Apple TV.lrtemplate
rcb@Studio ~ %

The article you suggested was a great help. It’s good to know it’s a known issue, and that is specifically prohibits saving changes to the files-- my exact situation!

I tried to delete the duplicate “everyone” user with the Info palette, but even after unlocking, the minus button was grayed out for that user. But BatchChmod did the trick.

I’ll do a SuperDuper backup and try fixing my settings files one folder at a time. I just wish there was a way to search for files with this problem… They could be anywhere, I guess.

See that “+” sign? Here’s what the documentation has to say about that:

If the file or directory has extended attributes, the permissions field printed by the -l option is followed by an @ character. Otherwise, if the file or directory has extended security information, the permissions field printed by the -l option is followed by a + character.

That “extended security information” is probably what’s causing the “Everyone: Custom” entry in the permissions list.

You could probably work up something with the find command, again in Terminal.

Thanks, Jim. I’ll look into the “find” command.