Someone talk me out of the Pixel 3…

I’d been planning to order an iPhone XR next week, but darn if the Pixel 3 doesn’t look excellent as well. Are there any Mac Power Users brave enough to admit they’re Pixel users, too? :grimacing:

I tried the current one (pixel 2). It’s outstanding lots of very nice features and a well built phone.

I went back to my X after 5 hours. Everything I use is Apple and simply the integration isn’t good enough. Using third party apps to hack around and make things work with iCloud etc became a pain and I just got to thinking that I moved from building pcs years ago because I got fed up fixing issues.

It’s a great bit of kit but I feel to get the most out of it you need to go all in with Gmail which for many reasons I wasn’t willing to do.


I understand, I’m a heavy Google user and have been tempted by Android from time to time. But I tend to keep a phone until I find a need my current hardware can’t provide. From what I’ve read, higher end Android phones frequently stop receiving software upgrades after two years or so. (Although this might be changing for Pixels based on some statements they made this morning). I’m not paying $800+ for anything with a two year lifespan.

And I’ve heard too many security professionals say they won’t travel internationally with anything other than an iPhone because Android can’t match Apple handset security.

I recently replaced the battery in my 6s and plan to keep using it, and my Series 2 Apple Watch, for the foreseeable future. But if the XR had a headphone jack . . .

I have a pixel 2 XL and so does my wife, she is on a yearly update program and I buy mine outright. So I am right now tossing up getting one as well, it’s a great looking phone.

Does this help?

Android is getting better all the time. That said, I don’t see anything about this hardware that assuages me wrt my privacy and personal data, or offers as smooth an integration with my current Mac hardware and apps.


Nothing against Android I still use a 2nd gen Nexus 7 every day and was using a 1st gen Moto e.

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Thanks, everyone! Most likely going to stick with the XR :slight_smile:

I have a 2d gen Nexus 7 sitting next to me right now gathering dust. Prefer my iPad, even if it is about the same age. Maybe time to charge it an fire it up again.

My Nexus retires along side the bed. Alarm clock, freecell, audio books. Sound levels just loud enough to go to sleep by. Deliberately, no mail, web browser but run Keep if something absolutely needs recording.

I’m in a similar position looking at other phones. In my case I’m finding hard to justify the $1000+ price tags on all flagships these days - can happily afford it but re-evaluating my needs. The struggle is the ecosystem, as I’m sure you know. It’s just so dang convenient!

Moving away from the iPhone creates a whole new workflow that isn’t always easy or productive. Though the joy of learning new things has its benefits.

I won’t be buying a Pixel ($1000+) but may get a mid-range Android to “play with”.

I ask myself what do I want to DO with my phone/tech and go from there.

And, I aways have Derek Sivers whispering in my ear “it won’t make you happy…” :slight_smile: - - reference to Tim Ferriss podcast with Derek.

Plus, you know security, privacy … :wink: