Sonos Air Play 2 Issue

Hi everybody. I’m having issues with AirPlay 2 and a second generation Sonos Play:5. When Sonos launched support for Airplay 2 in early July, I installed the update immediately. It worked perfectly with the Play:5 (and by extension with two first gen Play:1 speakers). However, sometime in the last two weeks, it stopped working. We have three Macs, two iPhones, and two iPads in the household, each installed with the latest operating system updates. The speaker is listed as an AirPlay option on all of the devices, but when selected, an error message pops up reading “Could not connect to “P:5”. On the Macs when using iTunes, an error also pops up reading “The Bluetooth device P:5 cannot be selected for audio output. Please verify your Bluetooth settings and configuration or select another device.” Isn’t Airplay 2 wifi? Anyway, any suggestions would be much appreciated. I hate using the Sonos apps to play music. I may need to contact Sonos support.

You might have already tried this…

We have had a couple of times when our new Songs One would not be AirPlay-able. Ended up unplugging it, and plugging it back in (rebooting…). Started working again.

It has only happened once.

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Um I feel sorta dumb. That fixed it! Thank you SteveB, much appreciated!

First question in IT. :sunglasses:

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

At SteveB’s suggestion above, I cut power and rebooted the speaker, that resolved the issue. Thanks.

When in doubt REBOOT!!