Sophos not ready for Big Sur

I am always surprised that even big developers can’t have their act together despite having plenty of time to prepare.


Photoshop will ready in 2021, so … :slight_smile:

More on this from Sophos.

Annoyingly complicated and avoidable.


Yep and still doesn’t work.
I will just keep staring at the red badge in the toolbar and check for updates… :frowning:

Sophos is okay on my girlfriend’s laptop, but is too big of a performance hit on my iMac Pro.
I jettisoned Sophos and have been using Malwarebytes on my machines.

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I barely notice a drag on performance on any of my machines.
Malwarebytes is great but Sophos is a way more powerful service.

It’s all that weird science stuff you look at, probably :slight_smile:

But, actually, I’ve barely noticed Sophos operating in the background. When I first started with it, a couple years ago, it was nattering too much with unimportant information. I muted most of the notifications and it became a good citizen. Until now, of course.

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The reason I moved away from Sophos is very bad performance and they never ready on day one of the new OS. I switched to ESET… they usually good, but this year they are also somewhat late to the game. While basic things work, more advanced features in enterprise product still missing on Big Sur, as well as support for M1 based macs…

Not so sure about their ownership. After all the AV software will see everything on your Mac…

Umm… ESET is known name in AV/security products, with being highest rates by av-test… So them being Slovac internet security might be suspicious to you, but not to professionals :wink:

Yeah only for amateurs …