Sophos not ready for Big Sur

I am always surprised that even big developers can’t have their act together despite having plenty of time to prepare.



It is a paid subscription, and it is expected to be functional on day one.

It is not.


Photoshop will ready in 2021, so … :slight_smile:

More on this from Sophos.

Annoyingly complicated and avoidable.


Yep and still doesn’t work.
I will just keep staring at the red badge in the toolbar and check for updates… :frowning:

Sophos is okay on my girlfriend’s laptop, but is too big of a performance hit on my iMac Pro.
I jettisoned Sophos and have been using Malwarebytes on my machines.

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I barely notice a drag on performance on any of my machines.
Malwarebytes is great but Sophos is a way more powerful service.

It’s all that weird science stuff you look at, probably :slight_smile:

But, actually, I’ve barely noticed Sophos operating in the background. When I first started with it, a couple years ago, it was nattering too much with unimportant information. I muted most of the notifications and it became a good citizen. Until now, of course.

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