Sorted 3 - Just released

Sorted3 just came out and I’m loving it! Great combo of calendar and to-dos. I wish it had a Mac app but it’s not a bad app if you don’t want separate apps for every little thing! You can even use it for lists/notes but I think the functionality is better for calendar and todos.

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Interesting. From the screenshots in the App Store I get a feeling that it is similar to Things. Is that so?

I saw it today and it tickled my curiousity. I like that you can control the calendar from within the app itself.I’d like to see a detailed review of it.

I think we are living in the golden age of task management apps!

Apparently they felt the need to address it in the Sorted FAQ.

I reckon if one needs to address a “competitor’s” UI compared to your own, you may have made some poor decisions and not might not have spent sufficient time working on it. Using the app briefly, both of these feel true. Looking back at the prior version, my mind also quickly lands on Clear.

The functionality of the app may be great but what’s there feels, to me, let down by the UI.

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My thoughts exactly! When I saw the screenshots of the prior version, I thought: “cool, the guys behind clear has made another app”.