Sorting Mailfolders

How to I sort a large number of mail folders in Apple Mail App?
Its a large number of folders and I need to soft them alphabetically.
The account is an IMAP Gmail

I cant find a setting to sort them in any shape or form.


Apparently there’s no way without a lot of fiddling around in the Terminal. The procedure looks outdated and prone to data loss. Here’s a link if you want to give it a go, but I don’t recommend it.

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I did something similar like that. Will study the post and try again.

An other thing I want to try is to copy the various .plist from the iMac to the MacBook hoping it will duplicate the organization of the file tree.

Just out of interest, how are they presented if you attach a non Apple Mail email app?

Would have to try that.

Another place I need to look if I can rearrange the labels in Gmail. Don’t think this will make a difference since the folder tree is different across devices.

I doubt if that would work, since “folders” in gmail are really tags, or something akin to tags.

I ment tags not labels whatever Google names it in their variation of imap.
But yes as I wrote before I doubt if that would be a solution