SpamSieve / client-side filtering recommendations?

For client-side software email filtering, is SpamSieve currently considered a good way to go? I’m looking to get an always-running setup on a 2012 Mini with a bunch of filing rules and robust anti-spam, and looking for some software.

I have a SpamSieve license from years ago that’s apparently still good, but I haven’t been using it.

Is that the way to go? Or would y’all recommend something else?

Since I host my own mail, SpamSieve was the simplest option. After “training” it works very good. On my server, I have SpamAssasin (with “low” settings) to kill the worst offenders (African princes, Get Rich,…).

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SpamSieve is excellent, easily “trained”, and what I’d guess is 99%+ accurate. I review its Spam folder a few times a week, and maybe once a month SpamSieve catches something that I wouldn’t have considered spam. Just train it once that the sender is “good” and it won’t happen again.