Spark Email - Archive and Labels


I can’t wrap my head around this, I have been trying to create a bunch of different rules/filters. But it’s not working how I envision. Maybe my workflow vision is wrong?

I am using Spark with a partner.
Ideally, I want the following to happen.

  1. Incoming email to be tagged automatically with “In Inbox XX AND from Person”
  2. As soon as you archive, the label gets auto-removed

I only want two conditions and I want to “AND” them

In Inbox
From Person


  • Incoming email (open request for proposal, project, etc)
  • Gets Tagged with “In Inbox”
  • Sender (the client) also gets included in the tag/label name
  • Once the project/request is finished
  • I push archive, that label gets removed automatically.

Is this possible?

@FrMichaelFanous, I’m not seeing a way to do this in exactly the way you’re describing here.

But one way to do something like what you want would be to set up a smart folder in Spark. The search bar in the smart folder setup parses natural language pretty well, so typing “email in inbox from user@address.whatever” will get you a smart folder with the conditions you want. Archiving the message would remove it from the smart folder, since it’s no longer in the inbox. No labels are involved.

Since I personally don’t like to keep a lot of things in the inbox, I’d probably set up a server-side rule: if message from user@address.whatever, skip the inbox and add the label user@address.whatever. Then I’d show that label/folder in my sidebar. Since the message is already archived, removing the label makes it disappear from the results when I check the sidebar label/folder.

Might either of these approaches do what you want?