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Shortcut vs Folder
For me there’s an asthetic advantage since I hate the look of folders. Also, I usually have at least one app in a folder that has a complex shortcut with it. (Like music)


I’ve been using the Shortcuts widget since listening to the Automators episode about this! I wish the home screen icons ran the same way-it just feels so much better!


I don’t think Siri Shortcuts is integrated enough for this kind of thing yet. Getting bumped into the shortcuts app, with the script showing as it executes, to display a list of options feels kludge enough that I wouldn’t want to use it.

I like the concept but for me a swipe and a tap is better than a swipe, a tap, an app launching, and a further tap. (Both cases kinda presuming you need to switch home screens to represent kinda maximum effort.

I believe that if you run these as widgets however they may run entirely on the widget screen until the app launches. I could deal with that OK.


At this point, I’ve revrted a bit. I’ve kept the MacSparky and Legal Context shortcuts on the home screen but everything else is apps. Like everyone else, I’m launching these from the Today View. I really hope they improve upon this with Siri Shortcuts 2.0 this year.


Easy to forget that we’re still in year one of shortcuts. The workflow guys had a year run up and probably used that for the system integrations we have now. I’m confident that the refinements coming in the next few years will take away a lot of the pain points. Shortcuts is currently workflow with extra integrations and I expect a future shortcuts to be less workflow and more deep integration surfaced by the workflow interface.