Speaker Options for iMac Setup & Second Monitor Matchup

Hi, This is my first use of the forum since the FB migration. Please be gentle.

I just redid my home office after a lengthy clean up of the house. It’s not done. I have some nice-nice-ish Logitech speakers. Z623 or a generation older by the look of them. A left and right and a big box subwoofer that doesn’t quite fit under my new antique desk. Basically, the cables and geometry are kinda jacked up.

Does anyone have any recommendations for good speakers to fill a 12’ x 12’ room with music. Volume and clarity are an issue, because sometimes I’ll play guitar along and I need to be able to hear backing tracks and what not. That said, the current set up has headphone outputs, so I do have the option of auxing them out to a stereo with a big more oomph but less clarity. That gets the job done.

BONUS ROUND: I just got a Dell U2717D as a second monitor. The night shift doesn’t match on the Dell. F.lux actually makes things worse as it dims the iMac so much, it’s just ridiculous. For some reason, it won’t let me customize. Any hacks for this?

Thanks in advance,

They are a little large, but maybe a pair of Kanto YU5 might do the trick? I have the danish equivalent. And they can fill a room, with clear music.

If there isn’t enough bass to your preference, you can pair them with a subwoofer.

I am afraid I have no ideas for the extra monitor…

How about one or even two Apple Home Pods?

I’m running a pair of Dell P2415Qs alongside my iMac. I had the same experience with F.lux and Night Shift that you did. I ended up just giving up on any evening color adaptations for my monitor.

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