Speed of running Shortcuts on a Mac vs iOS/iPad OS

I’ve noticed that there is a considerable time difference between running a Shortcut on a Mac vs on an iPhone or iPad. So, a Shortcut that takes seconds to run on an iOS device seems to crawl on my [M1] MacBook Air. In particular, I’ve noticed this with OmniFocus: I have a Shortcut that creates a project and a few tasks and if I run it on an iPad, it really takes seconds, but if I run it on my Mac, I start to wonder if OmniFocus has crashed. Do others notice this for Shortcuts in general? It’s made me start to habitually run certain Shortcuts on iOS devices as I find the results to be less predictable on a Mac. I’m also wondering whether Shortcuts performance on Ventura is different/better/more reliable if anyone happens to be working with Ventura.

I’ve a 2017 MBA which still runs everything I need speedily. However, I’m experiencing slow shortcuts too. I have a shortcut on the dock that simply copies a piece of static text to the clipboard. Sometimes it’s instant, sometimes it takes 30 seconds +. I assume it’s (slowly) loading the shortcuts application in the background but there’s no UI feedback… just nothing happening for a long time.

It’s instant on iOS. I presume the the implementation is less integrated on MacOS, leading to the delays. Unfortunately my Mac won’t support Ventura so I can’t help with that.

Yeah, this sounds like what I am experiencing as well. Generally speaking, the Shortcuts I’ve created tend to work more reliably/efficiently on an iPad than on my Mac. Hopefully system updates bring increased stability and parity between systems.