Spell check turned off?

I was using Grammarly Desktop, but I didn’t like it and deleted it.

But now spell check in macOS appears to be turned off. Red lines do not appear if something is misspelled in any app. (Edit spell checking is on, but its not displaying the red line when something is misspelled).

Going into Keyboard System Preferences, there is no option to check spelling automatically, just for correct spelling automatically. I can tell each app to check spelling, but still no red lines. Any ideas?

It’s working in some apps, like Craft and Obsidian, but not in Drafts or Mail.

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Thank you. I was noticing the same thing – no ‘red-line’ error warnings in any apps since I installed, and then deleted, Grammarly.

The weird thing is that if I purposefully make errors in Drafts and Mail, then check spelling, none of the errors are caught. It is as if the dictionary were removed from the machine – though it’s still there (in the Dictionary app).

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I cannot find anything to turn it back on. Apply Support’s web page says to just go in to keyboard preferences and turn it, but with Monterey it appears the options have changed. Grammarly must have turned it off some how, so I plan to shoot an email to them.

From what I call tell Craft and Obsidian’s checker are still working because they use their own spell checking system. Anything that uses the system’s spell checker is no longer working.

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*Edit: this is a red-herring – read down the thread for the solution

I found something that fixed the no-redline issue in at least one of the apps that stopped spellchecking for me (MarginNote).

In System Preferences > Keyboard > Text I found that the language under “Spelling” was set to “Automatic by Language”. I changed that to my language. I did the same in the “Spelling and Grammar” command in the contextual menu of most app, when the “Show Spelling and Grammar” popover was open — that popover also has a setting for language, and it also needed to be set to a specific language. Having done both of those, the red-lines returned in some apps, but not all.

I tried that, and it didn’t work for me, thanks. I have it set to my language.

Interestingly, although I uninstalled everything (and Hazel cleared out all associated files), when I go to the Grammarly website for my account it says the desktop version is active. Grammarly’s support says to just drag the app to the trash, but that won’t fix the things it changed.

I am having the same problem, and I really hope that a solution is found. Currently the only application that I regularly use in which spell check is working is Mellel, which has its own spell checking system.

Were you also using Grammaraly for Mac?

I have talked to Grammarly support, their only comment was that they don’t turn off the OS’s spell check. Which is true for me, it’s not off, but it’s not working correctly. Anyway they asked for more info and screenshots and I provided those.

I spent 2-3 hours tonight trying to fix this. It’s driving me a little nuts.

Not sure if this will help at all but have you checked for any still-running Grammarly processes in Activity Monitor?

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Yes, I have thanks. Nothing. Although, if you go to Grammarly’s site for the app, it says it is installed, when it it is not.

I think it just turned off some system settings and since there is no uninstall there is nothing to change those settings back.

I have seen a few references to this default. Perhaps test it out by toggling it (-bool true and then -bool false)? Over here, Terminal accepts the commands. It might take a reboot or a delay before the setting affects currently running apps.

defaults write -g NSAllowContinuousSpellChecking -bool true

I have tried something similar as listed in the link. Slightly different and will try that one as well, thanks.

That did it, thank you so much!!!

Be sure to quit the apps and restart them for it to take effect.


Worked for me too. The language setting in the dialog (that I mentioned above) is a red-herring.

I have no evidence, but I assume that perhaps since Grammarly is a system-wide spell checker that it might be disabling the macOS automatic spell checking so that it can do its thing.