Spider in NAS - now what?

Hello there,

I watched a spider crawl into my NAS (while teaching an online Zoom class no less!), and am unsure what to do.

  • wait and see and hope it doesn’t mess up the hdd
  • disconnect and open the enclosure to let the spider out (if still alive)
  • any other options?

I’m not keen on option two as I’m in Australia and spiders are rarely a good thing (ahem), so hate to go near them, but I also don’t want my NAS to die…so, is the spider likely to damage anything?

It’s a WD MyCloud EX2

Send in another spider to get the first one.


I think I found just the right specimen on my jumper…

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No, no, no. You send a bird in to catch the spider. Then a cat to catch the bird, a dog to catch the cat, a goat to catch the dog, a cow to catch the goat, and a horse to catch the cow.


Cats a no-go, but I do have a blue-tongue lizard in the backyard, how about that?

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This picture pretty much sums up why I don’t think I could live in Australia.

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If it helps, the spider in the NAS is much smaller. Unfortunately it’s the small ones that are the unpleasant ones…(I’m not helping, am I?)


Should make it easy to get on the web…


Why was a spider teaching a Zoom class?


Our budget for teaching assistant has plummeted…


Speaking as a security practitioner, you should probably not expose your consumer-grade NAS to the web.


Leave a light on - you don’t want to fool around with the dark web.


Nope. Not at all… :joy:

I live in Sydney and really you don’t see too many spiders, and most of them are in a tree like they would be anywhere else in the world. Huntsman don’t live in webs and you see them occasionally, but honestly it’s not as bad as one would expect!

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Um, I think you missed the obvious one:

  • Hope that the spider is radioactive, comes out, bites you, and turns you into a superhero.

I mean, I’m not sure what kind of a super hero origin story starts in a NAS or what your powers would be… presumably something to do with being able to store and retrieve a lot of information.

Yeah, I mean… ok I guess it’s not quite as cool as being Thor or Iron Man but it’s almost as good as being Hawkeye?


Memory Man!

The storage and retrieval of vast amounts of information. When you are (inevitably, but of course only temporarily) turned evil, your power will be to participate in DDoS attacks.

The weakness would be cross-site scripting attacks against your never updated firmware.


It was spinning a web of deceit? :slight_smile:

Like most Zoom calls. :slight_smile:


Loved the jokes but what about the original problem? What kind of NAS is it? Mine has a door I can open. It is a good idea to vaccuum them out occasionally as the fans draw dust inside.

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Without exposing them to static electricity from the vacuum

And that‘s why I live where the air hurts my face, haha.