Split View bookmarks

This doesn’t seem possible natively unless I’ve missed it, but is there a third party app that would allow one to save Split View configurations (e.g. Safari on L, Notes on R) and then reopen both apps in that configuration? Like one can do with Moom and other software on the Mac.

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Not tried yet personally but maybe a workflow build with Keyboard Maestro seems to be viable. Not at my Mac atm but like your idea and will try to figure out a possible one.

Sorry I was asking re iPad - tagged the topic but didn’t make it explicit in the text.

My fault. But for IOS I don’t have a solution at hand. Have not yet dived into workflow App deep enough which I think could help here

For KM I finished a rough test macro. If somebody is interested or thinks it could be helpful post a request.

If you set up a pair of apps in split screen, they will remain in that setup if you leave the pair and return. For example, if you have Safari and Notes in split screen, then jump over to mail, if you tap on Notes or Safari in your dock or home screen, you’ll return to your split screen configuration.

Similarly, they’ll appear together in the multitasking switcher, so if you switch from your pair to another app, and then return to the app switcher, you’ll see your safari/notes combo still there.

These pairs break if you create a split screen with one of the apps and another.

Thanks - I get all this - what I’d like to avoid is the friction of needing to set up each paring anew each time.