Spotify launches Premium Duo

Spotify launching plan for two people residing at the same address.

That’s cool. I currently have the family plan, but I only need two accounts.

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If you pay/prepay for Apple Music with a discounted iTunes gift card (periodically on sale 15%-off) the Family plan is $12.74/month: cheaper than Spotify-for-two.

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Saving 25¢ isn’t enough to make me switch.

Is it possible to join two existing accounts into this plan?

Maybe, but paying more for less definitely isn’t going to attract new users or switchers from Apple Music, either.

Having to jump through hoops to save a quarter probably isn’t going to convince anybody of anything either. If I’m comparing plans on websites for getting me and my wife into some music, Apple looks like the loser.

I’ve been using Spotify for years and prefer it, so I’ll stick with it. Attracting new users isn’t my concern.

@bowline True. If you like Apple Music. But some like Spotify over Apple.

Like I said, maybe that’s fine for you, especially since you enjoy Spotify. But as far as it goes, it’s not an especially enticing deal for anyone considering joining a subscription service, or someone already using AM.

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It’s actually a very enticing deal. Especially for early twenty couples living together which seems to be what this is targeting. Splitting the cost in two makes it barely more expensive than the student plan they would’ve recently lost graduating from college and most of their playlists are already in Spotify.

For most, if they don’t pay for a streaming service already, they are using Spotify because it has the best free service. This gives them a very cheap and easy way to upgrade.

Agreed. I don’t think this is really targeting Apple Music users. The generous $1 free trials, etc., are for new/returning user acquisition.

Sure. There’s little that will make Apple Music users switch over, but it’s a good attempt to convert existing free users.

On a strict price/feature-comparison Apple’s Family plan gives 3 more users and costs a bit less if you shop carefully. I’ve used Spotify and I put my money where my mouth was with AM. It just works better for me, and it’s cheaper than Spotify too. But if you’re a couple already into Spotify this deal could be good.