SSD speed shock

I just received a 1Tb Samsung T7 drive from Amazon. I did an initial test using Carbon Copy Cloner to backup my MBP to it. I am absolutely shocked at how fast this thing is. It took 12:41 to backup 300 Gb. This on a 2015 MBP. Unbelievable!


I just installed one on my 2012 Mac Mini that I use as a server. Much cheaper and easier than installing an internal SSD. 6-7x faster than the spinning drive. I’m using it as the boot drive and it’s fixed some performance issues I was having.

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SSD are so good I grind my teeth when I hear the spinning rust churn in my company Dell.

No computer beyond the entry level should ship with a hard drive. I have a server for large scale storage I need fast boots and random access.