SSH key and shortcuts

Hi All

So I need to do some jobs on around 50 servers, which all have different ssh passwords. I have a shortcuts created that will do all the jobs I need but the login part is an issue.

I see shortcuts has sshkey but wondered if there was anyway to add my Mac key in here as don’t really want to add the recreated one to all my servers for all the admins as well when we could just import an existing key. Anyone know if this can be done

I would love to be wrong, but I believe you can’t reference or copy existing SSH keys in the “Run Script over SSH” shortcut action.

There’s an app called Secure Shellfish that would let you manage existing keys and servers in the app itself, and then reference them using its “start ssh terminal” command. The downside is that it’s not really set up to edit multiple lines of commands in one shortcut action, although it mitigates it by re-using existing connections if you do multiple shortcut actions in a row.

An equivalent of ssh config file (HostName, user, IdentityFile etc.) in iOS system Settings, that other apps could securely retrieve, would be quite welcome.

If I understand what you are asking…

Once you copy the public key from the iOS device to a Mac (or other server), then you can copy that same public key to all of the servers that you need to connect to.

However, I do not believe you can copy the private key from one iOS device to another (which seems like it would be a potential security hole).

Personally this seems like a job that would be much easier to do on a Mac than on an iOS device, but I trust you can decide for yourself what tools to use.