SSL Connection Browser Confusion

Decided to cut this post as confusing… .

What is your site url? What SSL checking apps have you tried? Did it start working on your iPad or iPhone? Or is it still failing?

From my iPad a seconds apart. One locked one notimageimage

SSL checker a day ago.


Ran with and without www. —

I tried and and both went to a non-encrypted site. If I entered and, both went to an encrypted site.

I am not certain how all browsers currently behave with regards to automatically “pushing” connections to the encrypted page (e.g. similar to the SSL Everywhere plugin). I know some have made the decision to do so but not sure about iOS Safari on iOS11. I’m also not sure if there are ways to configure web sites to switch over to https if http is specified.

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Thanks for checking.

My desire is to get back to playing with my non-niche blog. The object is to write a hundred posts about whatever catches my attention. …play with words. Have me some fun.

But I’m sitting here with a lot of how come. I’ve done poking and prodding about the SSL Issue. I don’t know if I have a big, little, or no problem situation.

I’m thinking about ignoring the issue.

The SSL config looks solid. Certainly if a Chrome browser goes to the http:// version it will display “Not Secure”. The way to avoid that would be to force all traffic to https. There are wordpress plugins that can do that, or you can configure your web server to force it as well.

Enjoy blogging!

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Will check plugins and the server controls that Cloudways allows. Thanks

Edit To Add
This site returned useful info

More added stuff

Currently using Forced SSL

It appears that SSL is functioning. Do not feel a slowing of loading. But will explore the recommendation from whynopadlock later.

BTW tried other plugins…