Stage Manager Workflow Possible?

I’ve been experimenting with Stage Manager on the iPad. I’m trying to figure out how it is supposed to work. One of the things I like to do is take notes when reading, either a pdf or book or webpage. Before Stage Manager was on the scene, I’d have different split views setup. I normally use iA Writer for taking notes, so I’d have one split view with iA Writer and PDF Expert, another with Safari and iA Writer, etc.

I’ve just tried to accomplish the same thing in Stage Manager and cannot figure out how. I can setup the first Stage Manager view (is that what it’s called?) with PDF Expert and iA Writer together. But when I setup the second view with Safari, adding iA Writer takes it out of the PDF Expert view so when I switch back to PDF Expert, it is alone. Is this workflow possible in stage manager?

If you create two separate iA Writer windows, I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be. I do similar things with Goodnotes and Stage Manager and it has been working out excellently.

I discovered that you can play streaming apps (like Netflix) in portrait in Stage Manager. I was delighted with this because my 12.9 can’t fit the shelf of my exercise bike in landscape :sweat_smile:


For those who are interested in the answer, I finally figured out how to do it. This is not at all intuitive, but it works. My example is so I can take notes with Safari and iA Writer in one workspace and PDF Expert and iA Writer in another. But it should work with any app that allows multiple windows (iA Writer does, Obsidian does not)

  1. Show All Windows for the app you want in multiple workspaces (iA Writer in this example)
  2. Click the plus button all the way in the upper left to create a new window
  3. This will open iA Writer in it’s own workspace
  4. Tap on Safari in the shelf
  5. Drag the new iA Writer instance in the shelf onto Safari
  6. Now repeat the process with PDF Expert