Stanford researchers find Mastodon has a massive child abuse material problem

Theoretically true, but do they have enough moderators (left) to actually do so?

(Are there reports from independent organizations reporting the same as X’s leaders tweet?)

As far as I know other companies with central services and much larger budgets than X also/still struggle with moderation.

I doubt it is lack of moderators as the root cause of the cesspit formerly called Twitter. Musk appears to have a very different view of acceptablity with the news that

and it would come as no surprise if he were to let Trump back on real soon.

he reinstated Trump’s account back in November. It has not been used to-date.

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I think the idea that the world is obsessed with banning Trump is exaggerated. As for him being banned from a platform, as I understand it, he broke the rules that the company had in place; I think he should be banned by the company.
Free speech to say what he wants on his own media platform? Fine. (edit: and the opportunity to be reinstated, fine by me)

Just like if people started saying things against the rules here, I hope they’d be banned. Those rules, and the ban, are one way of society showing they disapprove. By using this site or whatever, I am voting that I approve of the standards being imposed here.


Not to stir the pot too much, but just noting that the issue people are/were fighting about here isn’t whether somebody breaking the rules should have been banned, but whether Trump actually broke the rules. At the time of the ban, Twitter’s claim was basically that he incited violence using his Twitter account. Trump and the people on his side insist that he didn’t.

The breakdown from Twitter is here:

If you read that, I think it’s obvious how both sides can see the facts supporting their own views. It’s not cut-and-dried in any meaningful way.


Shouting “FIRE!” in a crowed theatre is expressing free speech. It is not acceptable behaviour.

But this Trump-specific thread drift has little to do with the point the original poster was making.

What you don’t consider Trump’s unTruth Social post “If you go after me, I’m coming after you!” to be a “FIRE!” work-a-like.

But notwithsting that my other point stands, this thread-drift is a long way from the OP’s question.

It should be clear that I believe Trump is either a total incompetent egotist or a megalomanicial facist neither of which positions are good for the world nor specifically for the US. He might be both of those things.

As to PCness I don’t beleive in it. Mark 7:20–23 in particular v21 and yes I’m well aware that can reflect back on to.

@ismh Might be time to bring the hammer down on this thread.


Agreed. We’ve def. run afoul of Rule 7.

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