Steve Wozniak -Software Hacker Extraordinaire

Seeing this made me long for the days of Byte magazine - and moreso impressed me with Wozniak’s mastery of software aside from his better-known hardware prowess.

Truly impressive.


I subscribed to both Byte for decades. First column to read every month – Chaos Manor with Jerry Pournelle.



Byte magazine was indirectly responsible for my introduction to computers, and Apple. My older brother worked for Wayne Greene’s sister company, housed in the same building in Peterborough; Instant Software. He brought home Apple IIs, TRS-80s, etc. etc. I actually worked a little, translating line-by-line from one dialect of Basic to another. I was paid 0.05 a line, if the code ran.

If you need reading material.

I used to read Byte along other magazines. I am really happy I experienced the “golden era of home computing”. While we now wait for the yearly keynotes and applaud new things, it just doesn’t compare to that time. Companies came and disappeared, so many OS out there, hacking/tinkering was huge…


I was more of a Mondo 2000 kinda guy…

And BTW, if you want to download the whole site (or any other site) locally to your hard drive, wget can do that. The command would be:

wget --mirror --convert-links --adjust-extension --page-requisites --no-parent

Coincidentally, I was just sorting through my stuff this afternoon.

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Byte Magazine became for me what Datamation never was and never could be.

+1 on Chaos Manor.

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