Stickies vs (Quick) Notes?

Whenever I have a need to jot something down, I create a note in DEVONthink using the Sorter as I can bring it up with a quick key combination. My notes can be created in various forms including Markdown, and as long or as short as I need them to be. I haven’t yet upgraded to MacOS 12 (Monterey) which has Quick Notes, which may ultimately be something that I use as well. But in thinking about Quick Notes, I remember that MacOS has Stickies! Remember those!? I used to love them, and use them frequently, and then I didn’t, and I don’t remember why.

Do you still use Stickies? What do you love about them, and why not use (Quick) Notes instead?

We talked about this recently in another thread, somewhere. I use Tot (used to use Stickies) on my Mac all the time just for quick notes. Nothing long-term. It’s just handy for what it is and is always right there on my screen. I use a Drafts hotkey for anything long-term.

I like Quick Notes on my iPad quite a bit though and use it a lot. Just doesn’t seem to be needed on a Mac for me.

I’m on my Mac most of the time as it’s much easier to have multiple things going. I find myself using DEVONthink notes for things like jotting down facts from a call to my doctor’s office, talking to a vendor about particular products, random things from a phone call, etc. that would be much harder to contend with on my iPad.

Why Tot (I’m not familiar with it) vs Apple’s built in Stickies?

I use Unclutter for the same sort of thing.

I don’t know Unclutter either. I’ll have to check it out too.

Curiously, why not just use Notes?

It’s just a fancy version of Stickies, more options, better looking. it’s free on Mac, but won’t sync with the iOS version unless you pay for the iOS version.

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It’s just as easy as Quick Notes, but it’s existed longer. And it has a “shelf” type place too where you can dump files. And clipboard history. I don’t use the clipboard history, but the other stuff I use quite a bit. :slight_smile:

I can readily bring up QuickNotes on my iPad but for some reason I have a hard time doing it on my Mac. Any pointers? (Pun intended).

Do you have it set up right? The hot corners thing, I mean. My iMac defaulted to command-corner for some reason, while my MBP I just move to the bottom corner and the button pops up. Or you can use fn-Q.

Gee, thanks! You learn something new… I seem to recall hot corners from a long time.

I have all four corners activated, until I get the hang of it. Do you click on it? Double click? Sometimes I can get it and other times not.

And it syncs!

Oh I got the hang of it. Thanks!

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