Still possible to retain Mojave-format reminders in iOS 14?

Any idea whether iOS 14 allows you to keep using the old (Mojave-compatible/iOS 12) reminders format, like iOS 13 did?

My Mac is still on Mojave, so never updated the reminder format in iOS 13.

I will update to Big Sur eventually but don’t want to install iOS 14 and have reminders suddenly no longer sync between phone and Mac.

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I’m in the same boat! It’s not clear. I found this on another site talking about iOS14 Beta… But no clue yet about whether they’ve pulled an Aperture/iPhotos move on us folks with Reminders…

I am on iOS 14 and still on Mojave. Confirmed: you can still retain the legacy reminders format - it is not a forced upgrade. Good thing, as I’m almost certainly skipping Catalina, and am holding off on Big Sur for several months - likely will eventually put together a Mojave VM to run some older 32-bit software, but I’m in no rush.