Storage and backup of photo libraries


I have sorted my entire photos and created seperate libraries for each year spanning last 10 years. Where do I store these libraries and how to backup ? Can I use Dropbox ?

Dropbox is not a backup, it is a sync.

I’d look at multiple external hard drives and then a NAS server or if you are not cloud adverse, Backblaze. Secured offsite storage like Google or Amazon AWS can be an option if their parameteres fit. Amazon has both archival (low access requirements) and working offsite storage options with geographical separation from your location.

3 backups (minimum) 2 different media and at least one offsite.


I’m thinking about going with the Monument Photo device. This way I can leverage Photos but hopefully have the Monument device access photos in my own directory structure rather than the Photos DB.

I’m starting to realize with my music, vides and photos that I should be storing the files in a basic folder and files structure that I manipulate the metadata with the appropriate tools and then ingest into the applications of choice. These repositories of media will be updated to Backblaze.

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Interesting device! (note: doesn’t work with 5Gz networks, only 2.4Ghz or ethernet.) I like the idea of automatically downloading smartphone pictures from family members to one place. This would make intergrating them into a larger family library or family project easier.

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I am looking to store the libraries on external drives and then take backup using arq.