Storage Options Beyond iCloud

I am the organizer for our Family Sharing. I recently maxed out our 2TB iCloud storage…I’ve been shooting a lot of 4K videos lately. My Photos library is taking up 1.1TB of the 2TB storage.

I’m looking for a way to keep the Family Sharing, protect the Photos library, and free up some iCloud space.

What are your excellent ideas?


Is it necessary to make all 1.1TB of photos/videos available all the time? Can you prune and store 10, 20, 60% or whatever offline?

I can think of costly options like Vimeo, but anything that offers 1TB+ and growing is going to be expensive.

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Any chance you are a gmail user? Do you own or want your own email domain? 10TB of storage on Google Drive is $100/month but last time I checked if you have 5 G Suite Business Accounts you get unlimited storage for 5 x $12/month = $60.

Still not cheap and I wonder how long it would take to upload all that video. Personally I would purchase some external drives and keep my video offline in two or more locations. In years past our only choice was to keep a local copy of our data and another at work, or grandma’s house, etc. or both. That would free up a lot of room for your photos.

tw: subscription

From what I can find, Adobe Creative Cloud storage is $500/yr for 5TB.

Might be worth setting up your own Synology NAS and sharing from there. They have photo apps, etc. though I don’t use them.


You can have up to 4TB iCloud storage.

See: 4TB storage in iCloud

I haven’t tried it myself yet.


For photos from your iPhone only, it’ $10/year for unlimited storage.

For desktop data, the prices are higher but still reasonable.

Another option is MS365. The family plan is $99/year and in addition to keeping up to date with all of the office apps (which obviously isn’t important to everybody) each user gets 1TB off storage. That’s 5TB for $99/year.

I primarily use it to back up folders from my Synology (my Plex library and photos and other folders) which I can do with the built in Cloud Sync app, but you can use it for anything.