Storing new video game console in attic?

Hey everyone,

My kids are the luckiest kids in the world, but they won’t know it until Christmas. In the meantime, would it be a bad idea to store an unopened video game console in the attic for a month in Virginia?

Not sure where else to hide it.

Although I bet if I set it up in the Entertainment center they wouldn’t notice it :joy:

Unless you have a damp attic, you are good to go.

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Yes, seems potentially okay. I’d seal it in plastic just in case and store it off the ground.


Prior to opening/using it, let it warm up to room temperature for a few hours to a day. This way you wont any a short from the condensing water when it warms up.

Which console did you get?

Or pretend it’s a air purifier :joy::joy:

Plastic works both ways, any moisture in the air will be sealed in and temperature swings will cause condensation inside the plastic. It’ll probably only make the box soggy, the console itself likely already has plastic wrapp on it or at least protecting the sensitive parts.


Odds are it’ll be under the tree for a few hours before everyone wakes up. Should be plenty of time.


Xbox X (and my kids don’t realize how lucky they are)

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I recall my parents doing this on Christmas morning. After we went to bed, they just set it up. In the morning there was something to call our attention to it, but I don’t remember what it was exactly - just that the system was set up and ready to play.

I have zero familiarity with the console you’re talking about, but it occurs to me that maximum enjoyment will probably be had by all if the console is set up, updates are downloaded, accounts are registered, etc. ahead of time. Setting it up the night before and jumping through all of those hoops might be a viable strategy.

If your kids are still at “Santa” age maybe you could do something fun like leave a note under the tree directing them to the entertainment center. Or wrap a box with one side missing, so you could slip it over the console (from the front, in the entertainment center) and the console wouldn’t be harmed if one of them grabbed the box and pulled it off the shelf. :slight_smile:

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@webwalrus you should publish your holiday un-boxing hints – you could be the Marie Kondo of gifting surprises. :christmas_tree:

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This is an excellent idea. Nothing takes the shine off a new console like waiting 6 hours for updates and games to download while 2 million other households are doing the exact same thing.


Troll them. Get an old Atari 2600 off eBay, wrap it and film their reactions.