Strange Error on Mac Mini M1

hey MPU,

Got a strange error on my mac mini m1, not sure if something updated recently. My computer restarted while I was out today. Came back home and the error displaying was

SOCD report detected (AP watchdog expired)

While this was displaying and things were booting up…I got a nice beachball for almost 5 minutes until things were normal again. Anyone else experience this?

It seems to be going around.

Yep. My M1 mini has been doing this. I actually get crash messages and reboots almost daily (sometimes I don’t use it on a given day) but I am running some test stuff, like Parallels test app and Windows ARM test VM so I figure I’m kind of on the bleeding edge. I just send Apple all the reports.

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That sounds terrible. I wonder if that’s what happened to my computer a couple of days ago.

Is there anyway to check if the mac was frozen?

I’d guess you’d need to decipher the crash reports. Fortunately my Mini is a hobby not a work machine for me, so I don’t grind to halt over these things. And I figure I am helping Parallels and Microsoft test things too - this setup is honestly mainly so I can run my copy of Adobe CS 5.5 from 2012 (Windows license).