Strange "error" question

Periodically when I boot up my M1 MBP I get this question, “Where is Finder API Extension?”

I’ve never encountered this message before getting my M1. It is only sporadic and if I reboot I do not get the message again. Any idea what is causing this?

I found this on Google:
Mac finder extension is missing - Google Drive Community

The last post claims a solution:

Shannon Plaquet


I actually found the solution on the DropBox forum. …at least this worked for me

  • Preferences > Extensions > Disable OneDrive extension

  • Quit out of DropBox/Drive File Stream/Drive Sync

  • Confirm that the correct extensions are still enabled/disabled in Prefs > Extensions (Drive Sync had disabled itself for me, for some reason)

  • Relaunch Finder

…and that did it on my end! Hope that helps the rest of you as well