Strange Issue Mac Mini M1 after Wake

hey MPU,

I was wondering experienced this issue with their new M1 devices or any previous Intel device. My mac falls asleep. I come back to use it. Keyboard lags severely to keep up with my typing (to the point of not usable). The shortcut to bring up spotlight doesn’t work and brings up Siri instead.

The first time I resolved the issue by a restart.
The second time I was curious and I just turned off the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and then turned it back on. This also resolved the issue and restored the shortcut as well.


I saw this same keyboard lag on my M1 Mac Mini once so far. I rebooted and for now everything is running fine. It may be a bluetooth issue because I also had an issue on my M1 MacBook Air unlocking via my Apple Watch.

Have a lagging mouse on my 2014 MacBook several times a day. Switching it off and on always fixes the problem. Guess it’s a Bluetooth problem. The M1 Macs seems to have some common Bluetooth problems.

In addition to my earlier reply I want to add that I have also had my magic keyboard on my 2017 iMac disconnect on me. I’ll put a stake in the ground by saying this may very well be a bluetooth driver issue with macOS Big Sur since all of my Macs are on the latest release 11.0.1 and there are many users reporting similar bluetooth issues.


It must be something for sure on Big Sur, I didn’t have this problem on Catalina. I was trying to AirDrop something to my Mac Mini…same thing happened again.

I turned on Wifi so I can use AirDrop. As soon as I did that, all my Bluetooth connections (Apple Trackpad, Mouse, Keyboard) all dropped and would not turn back on until I turned the Wifi off.