Strange PDF display anomaly

This is a new one for me.

Was looking at some PDF files (genealogy related) in my genealogy program (MacFamilyTree) and about half the pages looked corrupted. Have you ever seen what a digital copy looks like when there’s a problem with the paper feeder? Horizontal bars/streaks instead of letters, etc. It looks like that.

So I opened the originals from my hard drive. Same thing! I’ve seen these documents enough to know that they were perfectly fine when originally scanned. So how did multiple copies get corrupted?

I opened one in Chrome, which then hands it off to for viewing.


I guess I should chalk this up to some MacOS Sonoma beta glitch?

Hi @dixonge

I also use MFT (v 10.2) – I don’t have a lot of PDFs in my sources, but I have some and they are working fine.

No beta for me – I’m running latest Ventura.

I am running the Sonoma beta. I noticed the same thing on a few pdfs. Can’t remember all of the specifics ie - which files they were and what I tried to open them in. Worked fine when opened in a browser. I downloaded Adobe Viewer (or whatever it is called) and they looked fine there. Haven’t noticed this lately (maybe since installing latest update?) Will let you know if I notice this again.

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