Strange problem on Mac

Hello guys,

I’ve been having a strange problem with my MacBook Air (2018): whenever I’m watching some video on VLC, listening to some podcast or even streaming Netflix on Safari, my Mac does something that I can only describe as a “hiccup”. On safari, Netflix stops streaming and I must reload the page. On Podcasts, it simply stops playing. On VLC, the video goes on, but without sound for like 5-10 seconds.

Any ideas what this can be?

I’d like some input before reinstalling the system.

Do you have any bluetooth or wired devices connected? If so, I would remove everything and try it. Also, have you installed any sound-related software? Like Soundflower, that sort of thing. Do you have anything running in the background? I would check Activity Monitor, your Login Items, quit everything you can and try it.

Thanks for your answer.

Nothing running in the background. I’m afraid it’s something hardware related. I just made a Skype call and I kept receiving the message that Skype couldn’t think an audio input/output. Then it worked for like 10min and I got the message again…