Strange problem sharing a folder

I’m having trouble sharing a folder with my wife, who has an account on another Mac in our house, both on the same wired network, both running Mojave.

I’m following the instructions at

In the Sharing panel, to allow access to another person on our network (to the folder I’ve added for sharing), I think I need to:

Select the folder I’ve set up for sharing, then click the add (+) button at the bottom of the Users list.

Then the instructions say I should “Select Network Users or Network Groups in the list on the left, select one or more names in the list on the right, then click Select.”

The problem is, I don’t see either “Select Network Users” or “Network Groups” in the list on the left. There’s just Users & Groups, Contacts, and below that, all the groups I’ve defined in my Contacts.

I could be wrong, but I expect Network Users would show a list of users who are logged into the network, and I should be able to select her from that list.

Any idea why the “Select Network Users” or “Network Groups” items aren’t showing?


the panel shows the users that you allow access. The network users bit is a bit confusing, because if you don’t see them they;re not set up. but you can use any user listed there.

I usually set it up this way:

share a folder -> add a local/network user (depends on type you have

On other machine -> log on to share using that user (no matter if they’re local or network, just add credentials)

Thanks for the quick response.

You wrote, " if you don’t see them they’re not set up." How do I set up a user so he will appear in the panel? Do you mean I have to set up an account for them on the Mac that’s serving the shared folder?

Either that or pick a user from the open directory setup.
Do you have an open directory setup at home?

Thank you so much!

I got it working by just setting up an account for her on my Mac, but I’ll look into the open directory idea.