Streaks - connect to Workflow?

Not actually a “cool workflow” but does anyone know if it’s possible to finish Streaks tasks via an url scheme or something like that?

E.g. I use Workflow to register intake of my daily vitamin pill (including adding vitamins and minerals ind the Health app), and I would like to also finish the task in Streaks in the same action. But I can’t find any documentation or anything…

Yeah, the URLs are a little hard to find.

  1. Tap the gear icon on the lower left
  2. Tap the bullet list icon which I guess means “Preferences”
  3. Tap Manage Data
  4. Tap Actions (x-callback-urls)
  5. Tap the action for which you want to get a URL to mark it complete

Thank you - and sorry for the late reply :slight_smile:

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