Stream Deck+ and CalDigit TS4

hey MPU,

Does anyone have their Stream Deck+ going into a hub or CalDigit TS4?

I can’t figure out why half the time it’s non-responsive. It’s set to never sleep just for reference.


  • Mac Mini (M1)
    – HDMI - Dell Monitor
    – USB-C - LG Monitor
    – USB-C - Cal Digit TS4
    – USB-A - Focusrite Scarlett
    – USB-A - Stream Deck XL

*These work fine

CalDigit TS4

  • Time Machine
  • Stream Deck Pedal
  • Stream Deck+

The Pedal works just fine all the time. The Stream Deck+ becomes non-responsive and I need to quit the software and turn it back on each time.

  • Does anyone have these issues?

I don’t have have the plus, but a mk2 plugged into my ts4 (along with 2 studio displays, logi bolt, 2 x external disks)
The mk2 has been non-responsive on a couple of occasions and likewise either unplugging it or restarting the software is required to get it to work again. Never had that issue with the CalDigit elements hub.

Only had the ts4 a couple of weeks so will keep an eye on it.

I have a Mk 2 plugged into an OWC USB-C dock and it similarly becomes unresponsive from time to time, but usually only after I disconnect my MacBook Pro (original M1 13") from the dock and reconnect it again.