Stream Deck - Folders or Profiles?

I have used different profiles for my Stream Deck instead of folders, but I’m wondering if there’s an advantage to using folders instead.

Does anyone know, or have any experience trying them both?


Well profiles can automatically be activated by specific apps. Folders sometimes go back to the root themselves after a while (when it’s inactive), so I’m working on switching folders to profiles.


I use a mix of both and for different reasons. I have profiles for apps that I use a lot such as Evernote, Photoshop, PowerPoint etc. These are often to hotkeys and macros that are specific to what I am doing with those apps.

Folders are more general to me. I have these five at the bottom of my home screen (aka default profile).

They are quick ways for me to carry out certain actions more generally. For example, the Graphics folder contains links to a number of KM macros for resizing images. Files contains quick templates and tagging macros.

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