Stream Deck - Steam Deck

I was talking to my wife about getting a Stream Deck and my little kid over heard it. Next I know he is thinking we are buying him a Steam Deck.


Iā€™m also constantly confused by this similarity. Someone must have been quite asleep when it came to trademark protection.

On the waiting list for the Steam-deck :slight_smile:
I can completely sympathise with your son!

Me too, but Steam is catching up on production it sounds like. I am expecting mine by October.

So much more exciting than a Stream Deck. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here son, you said you wanted a switch for christmas!


My nephews saw my Stream Deck and the youngest was very confused for a minute. After all, I only ever play Fortnite when they visit once or twice a year, so why would I stream my terrible gameplay? They both lost interest after realizing I use it for work calls.

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