Stream Deck XL: colors washed out?

I just upgraded from a 15-button Stream Deck to the amazing Stream Deck XL, but I’ve noticed that the color in the XL’s buttons seem washed and pale compared to the vibrant colors of the basic Stream Deck. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it mine? Is there a way to adjust saturation, etc?

You can adjust the brightness within he settings.

Yeah, but brightness doesn’t change the hue or saturation.

Of course you are right on that, but if I change (dim) the brightness on my XL, the icons (at least some of them) appear pale and washed out. So maybe you try it with a change (increase) of the brightness, if you not already tried this one.

Same here… bought a second Stream Deck and the screens are definitely different. The old one is much brighter and vibrant.

Have tried settings but can’t get them aligned. Obviously they have changed the display tech over time

Maybe I don’t “see” it, cause I got my one only a month ago, and I don’t have a comparison to the older panel. :thinking: