StreamDeck or Stream Deck... The big or medium?

Hey MPU Fam,
So. Work is in on the Stream Deck. Now the question - the big or the medium?
I’ve spent a little time down the rabbit hole of tutorials and there seems to be a lot I can do, without even touching KM type modifications. My gumption or inclination is to go big rather than go medium only to later wish I’d have gone big.
Thoughts? Anyone gone medium then wished they’d have gone big? Or gone big and wished they’d just gone medium?

I was in the same boat and went for the XL so I wouldn’t need to worry about not having it big enough. Pretty happy with that decision - even though I have blank spots, I have >15 spots taken on my main screen.

One other thing to consider is that the XL has a replaceable USB cable, the other two are integrated cables.


Yeah you may have just made my mind up for me. :slight_smile:

Thanks KevinC!

Depends on your use case. If you are planning to carry it around with you and/or use it on the go, I would go small or medium. If it is to be stationary on a desktop, go XL so you don’t run short of buttons as you develop more applications for it.

I have been toying with getting one and will definitely go XL for that reason. I’ve been hoping to come across a sale but no such luck as of yet.

It also depends to a perhaps lesser extent on your planned usage. If you really feel you will only ever have 5 buttons active at a time, I would go smaller so that you have less searching to do to find what you want to hit. If you feel your usage is going to expand over time, then I would agree that having some blank buttons is not the biggest deal in the world in exchange for expandability.


I went for the XL and have not regretted it. Over 20 full profiles and counting…


The order is in for the XL. I don’t plan on carrying it around, but if I find a need, I may order a second one. We will see.

Man. Each of those represents an action? Does it change up for programs such as Zoom?

You could get all three!


yup most are actions, some like podcasts are pointing to other the famous RelayFM profile with direct links to all the shows. Home leads to HomeKit controls, Bed shuts down the house, checks the windows, switches on the alarm … 19 profiles and counting. Many profiles auto switch when the app is in use, like Zoom, Roon, Teams etc

I call that an accessibility keyboard replacement … Great setup!

So I think I do need to explain this a bit because there are good reasons I had for purchasing all three. First, I bought the medium sized stream deck in March 2020 after hearing about it on MPU. I am an elementary school principal and had been doing the morning announcements live each day on YouTube via Ecamm Live. The stream deck was very helpful in making the show run smoothly. A couple months later I got the mini for my wife. She is also an educator (3rd grade teacher)and was teaching her class virtually via Zoom. I thought she might like it to easily mute students, share screens, etc. in Zoom. She tried using the mini but wasn’t as big a fan as I was, so it mostly just sat around. When we both started back to school in March, I would cart my medium stream deck back and forth from home to school every day. This got old so I brought the mini to school. The mini just didn’t have enough buttons for me and after hearing about how awesome the large stream deck was, I decided to get one for school. Around the same time I also purchased Moom. So now my setup is the medium one for home, and at school I use the large one for Ecamm Live and other things and the mini just for Moom. The medium stays at home and fills the need there using several profiles to make it functional. A long explanation I know, but I did feel the need to explain the insanity of three different sized stream decks. I often wonder about all the different things you could do combining different sizes and even several of the same size. Anyone know where I can get a “I :heart: MY STREAMDECK” bumper sticker?



The Moom integration is nice. Currently do window management with keyboard maestro