StreamDeck / Toggle Issues (Crossposted to Automators)

Got a StreamDeck XL and trying to get it set up with Toggl. Went into StreamDeck’s app and created four buttons for my four major projects, added API keys, labeled them appropriately, etc.

So I press button #1. The button was reddish in color. Now it turns grey. Timer starts on my Mac. So far, so good. I press button #1 again, and it saves the info BUT just immediately starts another timer for the same button’s project. When I pressed the button, it flashed reddish - but went back to grey as soon as I released it.

All four buttons seem to exhibit the same behavior. I’d really, really like to figure out what’s going on here. I could go after this with Keyboard Maestro if necessary, but it feels like the built-in stuff should be working better than this.

Anybody have any ideas?

When crossposting, it’s good to give a link to the other thread so people can see what’s been suggested there.

Since discussion has already started there, I’d recommend (FWIW) that others post followup/suggestions there… assuming they’re already members of that forum too.

Here’s the link to Automators forum:

(Part of me wishes there was one joint forum for MPU and Automators, since I always go to both anyway, but it’s certainly not a hardship.)

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I just checked mine and it works as it should. Press to start, press again to stop.
Streamdeck software 5.0.0
Toggl plug-in 1.4.1


Found the solution by poking through some dev discussions for the plugin. Apparently “project” - even though listed as “optional” - is required. Filling that in solves the problem. Leaving it blank causes the other issues…at least on my setup.

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