Strip numerical characters from text

Happy New Year - MPU Talkers!

So, as a vicar, I have to prepare readings’ sheets, which can involve copying and pasting Bible passages from Books, the Kindle app or Safari (all on the MacMini 2018 running Monterey).

Is there a way to automate removing numerical characters from text which is on the clipboard, using KM or Drafts, please?

Any help gratefully received.


Shortcuts with regular expression replacing “\d” with “” would do.

Link: Shortcuts

This seems like the kind of thing PopClip can do. Is that something you’ve tried?

When I have to do this, I fire up Logos and copy/paste from there. It has a “Copy only text” option that strips out verse numbers and section headings. Very helpful.

Here’s a Keyboard Maestro macro that will remove numbers, extra spaces, and leading spaces.

Just highlight the text, press the shortcut, and the text with numbers removed will be pasted over the highlighted text.

123 This is some text 12 embedded num123bers removed.


This is some text embedded numbers removed.

Here’s the link:

Click the Download ZIP button, then double-click the downloaded zip file to extract the macro. Double-click the remove numbers.kmmacros file to load it into Keyboard Maestro. Click the Enable checkbox, then set a shortcut of your choosing.


Thank you so much - will try this tomorrow!

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Thanks, Jez - you’re right, Popclip would be excellent for this.I need to learn how to make a popclip extension!


Here’s a simpler one using perl. (Simpler being relative, of course.)

FWIW, I use to get the NRSV text of readings, and it has a checkbox right on the screen to make the verse numbers disappear.