Studio display and M1

Is anyone running a new Studio Display with an M1 Mac (basic chip not Pro etc)? I’m thinking of getting one and running it from my Air or Mini both M1 with 16GB RAM but not sure if they’re powerful enough.

They’re powerful enough. The Display is rated to work with any M1 and will even work with Intel Macs (which are slower generally)

I am running my Studio Display on an Intel MacBook Air and it’s great. You’ll be okay.

I run a Studio Display with my M1 Mac Mini, and, although I don’t quite understand why, it feels like I’ve upgraded the M1 to a faster, smoother machine. I cancelled my Mac Studio order, because, well, it felt like I’d already upgraded and didn’t need to.

If there’s one thing that bought me joy this year, it was investing in the Studio Display.

I had no idea that a good screen could make such a difference.

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I’m using a Studio Display with an M1 Mac mini and it’s great. I feel like I have the perfect setup now.

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Having a Mac Studio (Max) I’m debating whether the other shoe should drop and get the Studio Display. Today I have an LG 4K 27" monitor. But someone here mentioned speed - so a snappily responsive display/Mac combination would be intriguing.

Thanks for all the comments. I’m going get one although looks like it’ll be quite a wait for it to arrive.

I have one connected to my m1 mac mini. Works beautifully.