Studio Display Sound Problems

PSA if you start having sound issues with your Studio Display. If your sound starts stuttering, unplug the display and plug it back in.

I thought it was just me, but Gruber had the same thing happen so I am guessing this is a thing that happens. It took me far too long to figure it out because it never occurred to me to restart the monitor, and there isn’t a power button.


I haven’t had this problem so far. But it is good to know. Thanks


Now I’m reconsidering my decision not to get Apple Care for my Studio Display…

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I would agree generally that the extended warranty for a display is likely overkill, but in this case, if it’s not too late, I’d get it. There are a lot of moving parts in this machine.

It took some time, but Apple seems to comfirm the issue - via MacRumors from today:

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I first experienced this yesterday. Started with crackling, which was very alarming as it sounds like a hardware issue. Progressed to lack of sound after 10-30 seconds of playback.

I’m happy I stumbled upon the fix in the Apple forums, but the lack of a power button is now suddenly super annoying. Actually, it’s more than annoying. If they build a monitor that has it’s own chip, then power-cycling is going to be needed at some point. Removing a power button is a serious error.

Climbing under my desk to fix this is not kind to my back, knee, and shoulder problems.

On the other hand, I’d rather not have to go back to my 24-inch LG monitor….


I almost posted something a couple of days ago under this same title. My studio display would stop playing sound after a few seconds. I would switch sources and it would happen again and again. Previous to my current setup of a Studio and Studio display I have had a succession of iMacs for the last 15 years. It never occurred to me to “restart” my display to fix it, but makes sense seeing how it has its own firmware and such. After I did a restart, everything was fine again.

I just attached my Studio Display to a Wemo smart plug. Hopefully it’ll save me some trips under my desk. :grinning:

I’ve had this happen on one of my Studio Displays.

Luckily, I didn’t go venting on Twitter (like the panic stricken folks in the links in this thread!) and I just googled the issue then restarted the monitor by cycling power. From when it happened to the fix, less than 5 minutes.

Am I a weirdo if I remember this happening with the Thunderbolt Display too?

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Clever idea! There’s no room on my power strip for this right now, but perhaps with some rearranging… or maybe I’ll have to dig out one of those 4-inch power cords I keep around for this type of problem. Thanks!

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Was anybody able to update their Studio Display firmware? The update is not available when I check for updates.

I did right after @Christian posted this. Maybe something was wrong and it got pulled?

Edit: don’t see anything about it being pulled on the news sites.

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Yes, my two Studio Displays updated today 8/5/22.

When I first checked ( - About This Mac - Software Update), the response was “Your Mac is up to date - MacOS 12.5”. After re-booting the computer and checking for an update again the response was “update available”. I allowed the update to proceed, including the re-boot. Checking the System Report - Hardware - Graphics/Displays, the Display Firmware is now Version 15.5 (Build 19F80).

No sound problems so far. Keep checking for updates; you should eventually be able to update. I don’t know if my extra re-boot before check for updates again was needed or not.

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